HONOR Fight League #3 in a sold out IMMARTIAL’ Fighting Dome

[WILLEMSTAD] July 1st 2023, HONOR Fight League #3 was held in a sold out venue. The fight card had everything for a great fight night! We kicked off with a junior Thai boxing fight, followed by adults.

This time there were participating teams from the Netherlands, Lebanon, Suriname, St. Martin, Syria and of course Curacao. New at HFL were 3 grappling fights, what has proven to be real entertaining for the audience. Before the grappling fights we had two fights between ladies, who have showed they belong at HFL. First up was Chiarra Domacasse from IMMARTIAL – Athlete Centre who won by an unanimous decision from Jessica Noordermeer from Team Farao. The second female fight, was between two team mates, but they wanted to face each other officially in the HFL ring. It was Luciana Winkel who defeated Manon Smink as well by an unanimous decision.

The final of the Glacial 3-men Thai boxing tournament was between Casey Beresford (Sityodtong – St. Martin) and Kemel Jaffal (Vos Gym – Lebanon/ NL) in the co-main event of the evening. Jaffal took the price money and the trophy as the Winner from the Glacial 3-men Thai boxing tournament. It wasn’t given that easy, as Beresford gave it all as a warrior and the decision had to come from the judges who give it an unanimous decision.

The main event of the evening was between Suriname and the Netherlands, where Stefano Zebeda from Dreamgift Fight & Fitness faced Michael Vinclair from IMMARTIAL – Athlete Centre. This light heavyweight fight was really entertaining as both give nice combination and none of the two would like to show mercy. It was Vinclair in the second round who seems to be more effective with his combinations and took the win by a “Referee Stop Contest”.

It was a great end of the evening and the audience could be considered as the winner of all fights.

These are the official results:


Fight 1: Jae-Sun Girigorie (Team Profit) won by TKO 2nd round from Djahmar Euson (Sityodtong St. Martin)

Fight 2: Oliver de Hout (Team Farao) won by a Split Decision from Jonatan Nava (IMMARTIAL – Athlete Centre)

Fight 3: Nick de Jager (IMMARTIAL – Athlete Centre) won by an unanimous decision from Jady Gogulski (Team Profit)

Fight 4: Semi Final 3-men Tournament to the finals Casey Beresford (Sityodtong St. Martin) vs Kemel Jaffal (Vos Gym)

Fight 5: Chiarra Domacasse (IMMARTIAL – Athlete Centre) won by an unanimous decision from Jessica Noordermeer (Team Farao)

Fight 6: Luciana Winkel (IMMARTIAL – Athlete Centre) won by an unanimous decision from Manon Smink (IMMARTIAL – Athlete Centre)


Fight 7: Jeardymar Baromeo (Team Profit) won on points from Shayne Evers (IMMARTIAL – Athlete Centre)

Fight 8: Mohammed Mhimid (Medina Grappling) won by submission from Dustin van Grieken (Team Profit)

Fight 9: Kevin Maria (Team Profit) won on points from Russell Bouthisma (IMMARTIAL – Athlete Centre)


Fight 10: Stephen Henriette (Cons Gym) won by TKO 2nd round from Sem Meruwella (IMMARTIAL – Athlete Centre)

Co-Main Event: FINAL Glacial 3-men Tournament, Kemel Jaffal (Vos Gym) won by unanimous decision from Casey Beresford (Sityodtong St. Martin)

MAIN EVENT: Michael Vinclair (IMMARTIAL – Athlete Centre) won by Referee Stop Contest in the 2nd round from Stefano Zebeda (Dreamgift)


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