[WILLEMSTAD] Yesterday September 18th, we received bad news and with just a few weeks left. Unfortunately the unexpected happened, namely Eugenio was not able to continue his training’s camp due to an injury. 
As you may and can expect from HONOR Fight League, the show must go on and thus we did our utmost best to arrange a worthy substitute and we have found another belt holder all the way from Brazil, who is willing to take this fight on a very short notice. We are very happy to introduce Mayson Maciel as the substitute for Milangelo Eugenio. Mayson Maciel is practicing Muay Thai for a while and he has a lot of experience. He promised HFL to be a hard opponent and even though he accepted this fight on a very short notice, he promise all visitors a real championship fight!
We, HFL, are very happy with these type of athletes who are taking the sport very serious and train to be always ready for a fight! Mayson Maciel we thank you for this and we can’t wait to welcome you here in Curacao!
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